Sweet Stinging Nettles!

April 11, 2012


I love stinging nettles!  Because of the warm weather (i.e., because the earth is going to melt soon because of climate change and the horrible environmental destruction and fossil fuel overuse oh god is it over yet because i feel sick thinking about it), (ahem) nettles came early this year.  I love stinging nettles because it is such a wild, untamed beast of a plant.  It says, “screw you, you think I’m broccoli or something?  Spinach?  I am stinging effing nettles.  You can’t control me!  I will cut you!”.  Actually, it will sting, and my nettle patch at our farm is extra stingy.  Our plan is to plant a lot of nettles to give to your CSA, once we get our own land, but we will have to use caution, because they hurt…for this particular batch, I harvested it very carefully with gloves…and then it stung me through the bag!  I did ask permission to harvest it (yes, I am one of THOSE herbalists…not my fault, it’s how I was trained!) and told it I was using it to heal.  So maybe the sting could have been worse. 

Anyway, I made a delicious nettle omlette this morning that Huck and I both ate.  Nettles have a weird texture when cooked (which you have to do, just a light steaming, to make the sting disappear), so I was unsure how it would go down for Huck, but he liked it?  I think. 

Here’s is my “recipe”:  you need a (gloved) handful of nettles, which you will wilt with a tad of water in a pan, then pour some whisked eggs in.  I capped it.  Salt.  Pepper.  Ya know.

We planted our nettles, a little patch that comes back every year, but many times nettles are just…there.  I found a patch outside our apartment, right by the railroad tracks.  If you have a tiny bit of space or a container, plant a tiny bit.  They’re a nutritive herb, and full of good stuff!