April 3, 2010

First Post!

I came up with this blog idea in hopes it will create a community for our CSA members (who I hope will share in the comments section their own recipes and tips for their CSA boxes!).  I like to think of the CSA season as a kitchen adventure.  It makes one cook more (if they don’t already!) and introduces them to new vegetables they may not be used to, or sometimes have never heard of!  CSAs are great for cooking exploration past your standard grocery store fare.  If you were with us last year, you got a newsletter that had recipes that came with it, especially for the more unusual vegetables.  You will get the same this year, PLUS what I hope to be more tips, tidbits, anecdotes and recipes with this blog!  But like I said before….I want to hear from you too, dear readers!  Our CSA members will especially benefit since what you get in your box, we get here at home.  So we will all be trying to find out the favorite way to prepare kohlrabi together!

I know a lot of our CSA members are great cooks, so please share your wisdom!  I will be trying my best to experiment more and make some delicious meals myself.  So let’s see what happens!

This blog is a work in progress.  We will see how it shapes up.  I will also be posting the current newsletter on this blog, so it can always be just an internet click away!